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Designers Galore is the brainchild of Twistee from Twisted Creations, and was hosted on her site for some length of time. But as all things change, it is now hosted here at Made By Mel. I have made a few minor alterations but I have no plans to make any major changes at present. I merely wish to preserve this design resource for the current and future users and the designers.
Last update: 9-24-2012

Want to suggest a design site to be added?
Suggested site requirements:

The dreaded requirements! Yes, there are some requirements. The reasoning is simply to assure anyone using this resource that they are visiting design sites that do comply with copyright laws. Please read below prior to suggesting a site.

  • Your site must offer some sort of web graphic set, either free graphics or for sale graphics. They can be listed as linkware, shareware, purchaseware, blogware, blog templates, layouts, downloads, etc...whatever you choose to call them. Sites that offer just brushes, tubes, plugins, tutorials, resources, etc. will not be listed. In addition, sites that display only a services section and/or a portfolio section will not be listed.
  • Your site must abide by copyright standards, and must give credit where credit is due. If your site offers graphics that use copyrighted material (such as...Disney, Looney Tunes, Celebrity, etc.) it will not be listed. If you have a notice on your site referring to the use of items found in the public domain, claiming to your knowledge said items are available to be freely used, your site will not be accepted. If you do not know the original source of the materials you are using, there is no guarantee it can be freely used.
  • Sites that promote or are subject to child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse, pornography or pornographic activities, terrorism, and criminal activities will not be listed, so do not suggest them. Sites with artistic nudity are acceptable however, if done in good taste. Artistic nudity is entirely different from pornography.
  • Your site must be a fully functional, working site. Thus, if your site does not work, it will not be listed. If a currently listed site does not work, it will be placed in inactive status (link removed, but title of site remains). Sites will remain in inactive status for roughly one month. If your site still does not work after one month, or if you have permanently closed your site down, it will be removed.

    I check the sites currently listed as often as I can to assure there are no broken links. However, I cannot check them everyday. So if you happen to come across a broken link, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!
  • I reserve the right to decline submitted site suggestions for any reason(s) I feel necessary. If your site does not meet the suggested site requirements, it will not be added. Also, I reserve the right to remove or suspend currently listed sites at anytime for any reason(s) I feel necessary. Furthermore, I reserve the right to adjust and/or change these suggested site requirements at anytime, without notice, as I see fit. Please send all site suggestions to me. Inlcude the name of the site and the url.